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Friday, September 15, 2006

3rd Edition of the ABC Rides Fall 2006(Full Pictures)

The third edition of the "Tour de Trash" was held on October 1, 21 & 22, 2006. We were able to get great Sonoma County wide coverage given the new format we tried this Fall. Sonoma Valley Cyclists, Norcal Velo Women's Cycling Team, Eastside Cycles Team and Soulcraft all led their own ABC Ride by picking their own route that they knew was notorious for dumping sites. Check out below for the great cycling turnout and wonderful dumping sites found. Looks like Claire and her Norcal Velo team win the prize for the biggest site located. I would like to thank everyone who showed up and rode with us this October and look forward to your continued support next Spring. Ride safe! Big many thanks to CamelBak, Buff and Sportsbasement for the raffle prizes.
A-Ride out of Helen Putnam Plaza held on October 22 at 10:15AM
The official public awareness "A-Ride" left Helen Putnam Plaza downtown at 10:15AM following last Spring's short 15 mile route with 11 riders strong. I-Street never disappoints as we found 7 dumping sites of substantial size including an entire workout Gym.

1) Helen Putnam Plaza 2) Istreet 3) San Antonio 4) Dstreet
B-Ride out of Helen Putnam Plaza held on October 22 at 10:15AM
Jonathan Lee and his posse turned into the plaza at 10:15AM with beautiful clear azure skies overhead as an impressive number of roadies showed up with him ready to hunt down the littered backroads. Surprisingly, the longest ride of the day yielded minimal results. Is it a sign that the awareness raised from the ABC Rides is enough to deter our backroad criminals from creating illegal dumping acts? Or are the Sonoma County Public Works crews so in tune with the criminal mind that they are now one step ahead of the game and finding dumping sites is no longer a trivial matter for roadies? Only time and more ABC Rides will tell...
1) Helen Putnam Plaza 2) Out on Western Avenue 3) Spring Hill Road 4) L on Bodega Avenue 5) R on Petaluma Valley Ford Road 6) L on Fallon 2 Rock Road (out Sonoma) 7) L Hwy 1 (out Sonoma) 8) Tomales Break Point
9) Out Dillon Beach Road (out Sonoma) 10) R on Middle Road (out Sonoma) 11) S on Whitaker Bluff Road (out Sonoma) 12) R on Valley Ford Franklin School Road (out Sonoma) 13) R on Marsh Road (out Sonoma)
14) L on Middle (out Sonoma) 15) L on Petaluma Valley Ford Road (out Sonoma) 16) R on Valley Ford Freestone Road 17) R on Bodega Highway 18) R on Barnett Valley Road 19) R on Burnside Road 20) L on Bloomfield Road 21) L on Petaluma Valley Ford Road 22) L on Roblar Road 23) R on Stony Point Road
24) R on Mecham Road 25) L on Pepper Road 26) R on Liberty Road 27) L on Skillman Lane 28) R on Thomson Lane 29) L on Magnolia Avenue 30) R on Keokuk Street 31) L on East Washington Street
C-Ride out of Downtown Occidental on October 22 at 10:00AM
Claire House and her Norcal Velo Cycling Women's teamates proved that it's not quantity but quality that matters. Check out the largest dump recorded on the ABC Rides as of yet.
1) Bohemian Highway North 2) R on Highway 116 3) R on Mays Canyon Road 4) R on Gureneville Highway 116
5) R on Green Valley Road 6) R on Harrison Grade Road 7) S on Facendini Lane 8) R on Occidental Road
D-Ride out of Windsor on October 1 at 9:00AM.
Team Soulcraft was 5 riders strong (Yuri, Tim, Keith, Jason, Ario) and completed the "D-Ride" out of Windsor on October 1 with 20 waypoints logged in over 50 miles. Weather fantastic, safe ride with the exception of Jason's pain. Quote of the ride, "I want some Tamales that smell like death". It is November 3 and Jason has still not yet recovered from this ride.

1) Windsor 2) R Windsor River Road 3) L on Eastside Road 4)R Wohler Road 5)R Westside Road 6) R Yoakim Bridge 7) L Canyon Road 8) R Geyserville Ave 9)Healdsburg 10) R Alexander Valley Road 11) S 128 12) R Chalk Hill Road 13) R Windsor River Road
Here are some samples of what we found on our ride.

E-Ride out of Downtown Sonoma Plaza on October 21 at 9:00AM
Paul Luca (aka "il Re") took charge of the Sonoma Valley Cyclists and left Sonoma from the Basque Cafe in the Plaza at 9:00AM on yet another beautiful Sonoma county day. The usual suspects showed up to help Paul initiate his first ABC Ride but in typical ABC Ride fashion, only the roadies with a strong stomach and a keen sense for hunting down trash stuck it out with Il Re. Next year, a separate day will be chosen in order to eliminate the faint at heart and weed out the posers.

1) Get onto East Napa Street 2) R on 7th Street East 3) L on Denmark Street 4) R onto Burndale Road 5) R onto Hyde Road 6) L onto Napa Road 7) S into Leveroni Road 8) R onto Arnold Drive 9) L onto Warm Springs Road 10) L onto Sonoma Mountain Road 11) R onto Enterprise Road 12) Ronto Bennett Valley Road 13) R onto Warm Springs Road 14) R onto Arnold Drive 15) L onto West Verano Avenue 16) R onto Sonoma Highway 17) L onto the bicycle path that leads you to 1st Street West 18) R onto 1st Street West

Full Detailed Pictures


  • Good Luck!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:15 AM  

  • Jonathan Lee is interested in doing the B-Ride out of Petaluma on the same "Public Awareness" A-Ride on October 22. We will therefore advertise both the A-Ride and B-Ride on October 22. It would be great if Jonathan can join the A-Ride for a mass start and break off from D-Street once we head back into Petaluma.

    The A-Ride will be:

    1) Helen Putnam Plaza
    2) Istreet
    3) San Antonio
    4) Dstreet

    Jonathan's proposed B-Ride is:

    1) Do the A-Ride?
    2) L on Windsor Drive
    3) L onto Western
    4) Spring Hill
    5) L on Bodega
    6) R on Petaluma Valley Ford
    7) L on Fallon 2 Rock (out Sonoma)
    8) L Hwy 1 (out Sonoma)
    9) Tomales Break Point
    10) R on Middle (out Sonoma)
    11) L on Whitaker Bluff (out Sonoma)
    12) R on Franklin School (out Sonoma)
    13) R on Marsh (out Sonoma)
    14) R on Middle (out Sonoma)
    15) L on Whitaker Bluff (out Sonoma)
    16) S on Fallon 2 Rock (out Sonoma)
    17) L on Gericke (out Sonoma)
    18) R on Petaluma Valley Ford
    19) L on Pepper
    20) R on Stony Point
    21) R on Petlauma Blvd
    22) L on C

    By Blogger ariobig, at 11:08 AM  

  • NorCal Velo Women's Cycling Team will do a ride departing from Occidental on either October 15th of October 22nd.

    By Blogger NorCal Velo, at 5:55 PM  

  • Can Norcal Velo post the proposed route? Also, Soulcraft needs suggestions for a D-Ride out of Healdsburg that includes Chalk Hill Road and tracks ~50 miles of trashed backroads.

    By Blogger ariobig, at 9:03 AM  

  • The "E-Ride" for Soulcraft on October 1 could look like:

    1) Healdsburg (Some Funky Coffee Shop)
    2) R West Dry Creek Road
    3) R Yoakim Bridge
    4) S Canyon Road
    5) R Geyserville Ave
    6) L 128
    7) R Chalk Hill Road
    8) R Windsor River Road
    9) L on Eastside Road
    10)R River Road
    11)R Westside Road

    If we want to go out of Sebastopol, I need help there for a route.

    By Blogger ariobig, at 1:49 PM  

  • Can Keith hook us up with some home made tomales?

    By Anonymous Jason Clymer, at 6:46 PM  

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