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Thursday, March 15, 2007

4th Edition of the ABC Rides Spring 2007 (more pics here)

Well, another successful series of ABC Rides completed and the "feel-good" effect definitely impacted all the riders that rode with us. I am not only impressed with the familiarity that most people now associate our ABC Rides (more aptly know as Trash Rides) with bicycles and communiity, but more so by the genuine commitment that goes into making a difference from each rider that participates in our rides. The A-Ride was a rewarding format that got all the riders to go knee-deep into the roadside trenches filled with questionable trash and observe how by-standers would marvel at the effort all the riders put in on I-Street. I could not help but feel total pride upon our return as I saw the "ABC Rides Were Here" stickers on the piles of trash we neatly organized roadside for the crews to pick up. Just for a moment, I actually thought we are saving the world. Unfortunately, it only took a few weeks to see illegal dumping continue on I-Street with the same fervor that seems will never go away. We will be back for another Fall mission in 2007.

After realizing that it took the better of 2 hours to haul all kinds of litter out of the ditches on the short 10 mile A-Ride , I was again blown away to see 36 illegal dumping sites logged into the GPS from the longer B-Ride led by Eastside's Tony Madrigal. I was equally impressed with the vigor and commitment taken on by Tony and his posse as they truly scrutinized the classic-littered Petaluma backroads as if they were convinced that maybe they too were saving the world for a couple of hours.

And the next day, we hit Marin county. Tim McCraken and crew showed up in Nicasio as Jason Clymer and I were admiring an old-school original Ciocc lugged frame complete with Nouvo Record, but alas no sew-up tires. As we head into Point Reyes, Jason and I begin to feel embarassed as we have no waypoints to report. Could it be? No trash in Marin county but plenty in Sonoma county? Deep down inside I could not come to grips that there was absolutely no illegal dumping in a neighboring county? Were Marinites really that much better than Sonomans? Coming to a stop in Point Reyes with nothing to show for, I quickly revamp the backup plan to prove them wrong. So Jason and I decide to take Marshal Wall back into Petaluma to dig up some trash. Saluting our inaugural Marin counter parts, we head for north in a blistering headwind that I had to shield poor Jason against given his 200miler the day before in Davis (Did I mention commitment above?). As we pass Walker Ranch, still nothing. Then we start finding the traces of illegal dumping and we are both relieved to start finding trash worth noting for. And so we do, tires, cribs, tires etc...and then we hit it! The Motherlode and yes it is in Marin County!

Jonathan Lee showed that it's not about quantity but quality as it seems that the Sonoma county crews got a bulk of the litter as the D-Ride got underway. Nevertheless, you can always count on trash to be there for the ABC Rides. Claire House also got her Norcal Velo Women's Team to join her in the C-Ride that found the usual trash expected around Santa Rosa. It seems that we got our wires crossed with some Santa Rosa Cycling club riders that showed up to join the ride but no one was present. I will make sure this is avoided for the next time.

Oh and thanks Ponch for giving the Mayor of Petaluma a hard time for not joining the ABC Rides this year.

A-ride (Petaluma)
The Soulcraft led "A-ride" will head out of Helen Putnam Plaza in downtown Petaluma on May 19 at 10:00AM. The format for this ride will change slightly and have us actually pick up strewn litter into garbage bags and log them into our GPS as waypoints in addition to the usual dumping sites found. Same course as always.

IStreet, San Antonio Road, DStreet

B-ride (Petaluma)

Eastside Cycles will lead the "B-ride" from the Eastside Cycles downtown Petaluma shop on May 19 at 10:00AM.
Western Avenue, Chapman Lane, Eastman Lane, Middle Two Rock Road, Pepper Road, MechamRoad, Roblar Road, Canfield Road, Bloomfield Road, Gericke Road, Fallon Two Rock Road, Carmody Road, Walker Road, Spring Hill Road.

C-ride (Santa Rosa)
Claire House and her Norcal Velo Women Team's "C-ride" will head out of the Santa Rosa Norcal Velo bicycle shop on College Avenue on May 19.
Hall Rd, Occidental Rd, West County Trail, Guerneville Hwy, Green Valley Rd, Harrison Grade Rd, Graton Rd.

D-ride (Santa Rosa)
Eastside Cycles will lead another "D-ride" out of Santa Rosa's downtown Railroad Square on May 19. Hopefully ColaVita can join in. This longer ride will include:
Fulton, Wood Rd, River Rd, Slusser Rd, Wohler bridge, Westside Rd, Healdsburg Ave, Alexander valley Rd, Chalk Hill Rd, Faught Rd.

E-ride (Fairfax)
Soulcraft will partner up with our Marin County counterparts for the "E-ride" on May 20 at the Java Hut in downtwon Fairfax at 8:45AM. The short portion of the E-ride will depart from Java Hut in downtown Fairfax at 8:45AM on May 20. We will be looking for trash heading out on Sir Francis Drake up White’s Hill towards San Geronimo. Right onto Nicasio Valley Rd onwards to Nicasio.
E-ride continued (Nicasio)
The longer portion of the E-ride begins in Nicasio at 9:30AM on May 20. Continue on Nicasio Valley Rd and head towards Nicasio Reservoir, left onto Petaluma-Point Reyes Rd to Point Reyes Station. South on Highway 1 to Bolinas, left on Bolinas Fairfax Road up to 3 corners then down past Alpine Dam and back to Fairfax.
Sir Francis Drake, Nicasio Valley Rd, Point Reyes-Petaluma Rd, Hwy 1, Bolinas Fairfax Rd

F-ride (Sonoma)
Paul Luca will spearhead the "F-ride" out of Sonoma again this Spring so kudos to "Il Re". His ride will start in the Sonoma Square on May 26 at 9:00AM.
Meet in Sonoma Plaza on Saturday, May 26 at 9:00AM. Get onto East Napa Street from Sonoma Plaza and head towards 7th Street East. Leave East Napa Street and turn right onto 7th Street East. Leave 7th Street East and turn left onto Denmark Street. Leave Denmark Street and turn right onto Burndale Road. Continue straight on Burndale Road and turn right onto Hyde Road. Leave Hyde Road and turn left onto Napa Road. Continue straight on Napa Road as it turns into Leveroni Road. Leave Leveroni Road and turn right onto Arnold Drive. Continue straight on Arnold Drive through Glen Ellen. Leave Arnold Drive and turn left onto Warm Springs Road. Leave Warm Springs Road and turn left onto Sonoma Mountain Road. Leave Sonoma Mountain Road and turn right onto Enterprise Road. Leave Enterprise Road and turn right onto Bennett Valley Road. Leave Bennett Valley Road and turn right onto Warm Springs Road. At the end of Warm Springs Road, turn right onto Arnold Drive. Leave Arnold Drive and turn left onto West Verano Avenue. Continue straight on West Verano Avenue as you pass Maxwell Farms Regional Park. Leave West Verano Avenue and turn right onto Sonoma Highway. From Sonoma Highway, turn left onto the bicycle path that leads you to 1st Street West. From the bicycle path, turn right onto 1st Street West and head back towards Sonoma Plaza.

Full Detailed Pictures


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