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Thursday, June 07, 2007

5th Edition of the ABC Rides-Fall 2007(All Photos Click Here)

The Tour de Trash returned on a beautiful November 3rd day with an impressive show of hands for the rewarding A-Ride that took us through familiar littered backroads that border the Petaluma City limits. Once again, I-Street stood up to its true and tried reputation of harboring large litter items and plenty of strewn trash all over the road. Not to worry, we had the "Power to the People" this time when 15 bicyclists decided that I-Street would shine at least for that Saturday.

Sean and Lainie from Soulcraft were the converted as they took part in their first Tour de Trash. Vanessa's dad, Dave, was on a rampage trying to pick up everything that was not organic from I-Street, so much so, that he is eyeing Napa County next year. Jaseem, the return of Jason "The Diesel" Clymer (aka Is that Shayne?), Jason Holmes and Hunt also showed up. Vanessa brought her usual Casa Grande "young ones" with her that always show great enthusiasm and dedication. Fellow History teacher, Eric showed up with an extra trailer and daughter being the ABC Ride's youngest solo 8-year old rider. Of course, the soul of the "Tour de Trash" was led by World MTB Endurance Rider, one Mr. Yuri Hauswald, and the Redneck who is close in Yuri's wake. The Bigattini clan contributed to the A-Ride with full Broom Wagon support this Fall.

No one feared the litter we collected even though we had plently of questionable items dispersed in the roadside ditches that offer perfect refuge to the trash that motorists love to toss out while their iPODs provide them the comfort of not caring.

This time, we had Vanessa's Girl Power MTB posse, that experienced two flat tires on a defunct Old School Cruiser but would not deter them from plowing ahead. They displayed true get'in der' attitude that made RedNeck look like an amateur. They did pay the price for being a little too brave as Mother Nature gave them a first hand lesson on Bacteria. Hey, it will only make them smarter for the next time. And Redneck? He did redeem himself however.

The caravan of motorists and fellow cyclists seemed to appreciate the effort everyone was putting in as they drove by. Even one motorist stopped and picked up one of our garbage bags as he drove by. That was a first!
Check out Yuri's Blog for his account of how it all went down on the A-Ride at:
Sometimes I wonder if people are actually getting what the "ABC Rides" are all about? Sometimes I wonder...I am convinced that they will listen to our youngest ABC Rider tell the tale of the "Tour de Trash".

A-Ride (Petaluma)

The A-Ride will take on the notoriously littered I-Street where the presence of trash never disappoints. Meet us at Helen Putnam Plaza in downtown Petaluma for a 9:30AM start time.

B-Ride (Santa Rosa)

The B-Ride will also be the same route as last Spring led by Claire from Norcal Velo Women's team. This ride will depart from the Norcal Bike Sport in Santa Rosa on November 3 at 9:00AM.

C-Ride (Santa Rosa)
Jonathan Lee from the Norcal Bike Sport Men's team will lead the longer C-Ride also starting the Norcal Bike Sport in Santa Rosa at 9:00AM.

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