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Monday, September 22, 2008

7th Edition of the ABC Rides-Fall 2008 (Full Pictures)

All three rides were completed by October 19th with significantly less trash spotted on the A & B rides. A true sign that the Tour de Trash is deterring our "trash-holes" to cease their littering activities? The cleanliness is more likely stemming from the county's grant to put efforts in place to prevent illegal dumping with the help from several agencies supporting the cause. Please check out the Keep Sonoma Clean efforts for the latest news.

Together we are making a difference to finally get our backroads back to the clean state they should be and only the next Tour de Trash rides will truly tell if we are all succeeding.

The fourth unannounced D-Ride out of Marin has confirmed that illegal dumping continues to thrive albeit in a much more random fashion perhaps indicating that Sonoma county's efforts of late are truly making a difference over Marin.

Check below for post ride comments.

A-Ride (Petaluma)-October 18

The A-Ride continues on the notoriously littered I-Street where the presence of trash never disappoints although recent rides are showing a significant reduction in litter. Meet us at Helen Putnam Plaza in downtown Petaluma for a 10:00AM start time on October 18, 2008.

The A-Ride continues with the same format, in which all cyclists participate in actual litter pickup along the roadside, and bag the trash for the county's public works to pick up at a later time.

Post Ride Comments

We had a skeleton crew to go out and clean up I-street relative to rides past given the attention that the BiketoberFest was attracting on the same day out in Fairfax.

Still, all six of us pedaled out of Helen Putnam Plaza to be joined by the Bigattini clan on the way to I-street. Once out on our cherished backroads with a beautiful morning warming our backs, we got down in the ditches to do our dirty deeds. Interestingly, the Canadians, Venezuelan, Pakistani, South African and fellow Americans had no rivalry amongst themselves unlike world politics or economies other than to pick up as much trash as they can see. Take that G8!

With six garbage bags fulls of bottles and cans, we missed our recyling friends on this ride to take the A-ride over to the green side. Latest update from our circle of friends confirmed that all bags were picked up 2 days after our ride.

B-Ride (Santa Rosa)-October 19

Claire House from the Norcal Velo women's team will depart from the Triumph Life Center at 131-A Stony Circle on Sunday October 19 at 10:00AM. The route will be Hall Road, Occidental Road, Harrison Grade and back to Santa Rosa.

Post Ride Comments

Claire reports that not much trash was spotted on her local ride this time much to our disdain but nothing but good news to our county public works and Keep Sonoma Clean friends. Even after additional coverage from Claire's extended ride, still not much illegal dumping spotted in Santa Rosa.
C-Ride (Santa Rosa)-October 18
Jonathan Lee with red peloton will also lead a ride out of Santa Rosa's Norcal Bicycle shop on October 18 at 9:30AM.

Post Ride Comments

Jonathan Lee's ride proved that there still exists plenty of illegal dumping sites no matter where we ride. 15 waypoints were reported into the Sonoma county public works after Jonathan's measely 60 mile ride.

D-Ride (Petaluma)-November 15

I took the initiative to complete the D-Ride solo this edition in order to see how Jonathan Lee's trash rides are experienced. With lots of ground to cover I made sure that Daylight's savings was on my side by leaving Petaluma at 1:00PM and headed out to the coast.

As expected, illegal dumping is alive and well in our neighboring Marin county as crime sees no boundaries. Over 10 significant dumping sites were reported into the public works as some of the more pervasive waypoints were truly a site for sore eyes ironically surrounded by picturesque back drops.
Check out the Sonoma county grant effort's web site for all phone numbers and dumping information.

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